eIRB & Dspace

Electronic  Institutional  Review Board

e-IRB Is a web ‐based, electronic system used to:-

  • Submitting & reviewing proposals.
  • Tracking proposals reviewing status, reviewer’s name, adverse events such as protocol changes, alerting PI on report due dates, termination dates, progress submission reports.
  • Provide a general report of all reviewers load on reviewing proposals.
  • Designed to replace the cumbersome current IRB in use.

Why should we use it?

The system will:-

  • Increase the efficiency of the approval and administrative processes for projects and protocols involving human subjects in research.
  • Saves paper use and therefore works on conserving our environment.
  • Reduce printing cost.
  • Improves time management for all researchers involved.

KCMUCo Mentor eIRB can be accessed through  www.axiommentor.com/login/axlogin.cfm



What is Dspace?

It is an open source digital repository system typically used for creating an open access repositories.

  • It has been adopted purposely for:-
  • Storing thesis.
  • And proposals.
  • Researchers, PI, Reviewers, and Students can now easily access and utilize the digital contents and keep the environment clean.