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The Medical Education Partnership Initiative (MEPI) is a partnership between Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre (KCMC) and the Duke University School of Medicine to train future leaders of health care academics, research and policy in Tanzania. The innovative models of medical education will strengthen the information technology infrastructure, provide a diversity of technologies and strategies to implement in the KCMC curriculum, and offer research award opportunities for education modernization and utilization.  The culture of teaching and learning at KCMC will grow into an academic community empowered by research-based innovations allowing medical professionals to better serve the Tanzania medical system.

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mepiimgNew online multmedia web story containing photos and brief videos featuring key collaborators sharing their reflections on our work together.

mepiimgNIH awards $36M to train junior faculty in Africa through MEPI program

mepiimgResearch Training Opportunity


The MEPI leadership team and Duke University president Richard Brodhead. (left to right): Ahaz Kulanga (KCMUC), Paschalis Rugarabamu (Catholic University of Health and Allied Sciences), Kien Mteta (Bugando Medical Center), Egbert Kessi (KCMUC), President Brodhead, Charles Muiruri (DGHI), John Bartlett (DGHI) and Dan Fitzgerald (Weill Cornell Medical College).



Members of the original MEPI project team and visitors,

including DGHI director Michael Merson (second from left)

and Duke University president Richard Brodhead (sixth from left), during a trip to Tanzania in 2011.