LCMS+ Deployment at HKMU

HKMU/KCM College Collaboration


KCMC, under the MEPI project, has over the period of 3 years put in place and gathered sharable experience on the use of the Learning Content Management System (LMCS+) by deploying Technology in the Teaching and Learning Process.

Some of the low hanging fruits of this innovation realized so far are:-

  1. The ability to handle large numbers of students with fewer staff both in material delivery and evaluation
  2. The possibility for students to learn at their own pace and time
  3. The consistence in the content delivered and the delivery methods
  4. The possibility for ease in evaluation of the teaching and learning process.

HKMU is currently facing large numbers of students in the basic sciences especially the first year. This has necessitated staff to run double / triple sessions some beyond working hours. More to that, staff have to manually mark a large number of examination scripts.

KCMC, through the MEPI project, has been offering education innovation grants of up to 50,000US$ to its faculty on competitive basis. However this year in the spirit of enhancing collaboration, KCMC MEPI has extended the offer for such a grant to HKMU.

Such resources are provided to KCM College faculty who wish to access locally innovative teaching enhancements. The proposal must be directly relevant to medical student education, and must be completed within one year of the date of the award.

The aim of this application, by HKMU, is to put to use the available funding in piloting out use of technology in the delivery of the basic science curriculum to MD and BScN students at HKMU.