Wet Laboratory

ICT Integration with Wet Laboratory

One of the main contributing factors to the success of the wet laboratory has been the integration of the ICT department. The ICT facilities that have been installed in the laboratory enhance the teaching process and ensure that practical sessions are delivered in the best way possible and allows for maximum participation of students in the learning process.

  1. The video system
    The Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) zoom is an overhead camera and controller connected to 22 monitors and a projector that helps the instructor deliver a practical session to a large group of students at one time. The video system is comprised of the digital video recorder which records practical sessions being delivered by instructors and can later be uploaded in the LCMS system for students to access and review the sessions on their own.
  2. The sound system
    The wireless controlled sound system comprises of the head phones, microphones and speakers.
  3. Microscope connected with a camera and 22 monitors
    This microscope helps the instructor to display images under observation to students via the monitors and projector. The camera helps the instructor to take pictures of images under observation and store them in SD card for future use.
  4. Overflow technique
    In this technique, practical sessions going on in the laboratory can be viewed in other college venues such as the computer lab. This helps students in preparation for the session to participate by viewing the practical session from the another venue.
  5. Virtual Microscope