Ali Giusto Awarded Duke Grants for Dissertation Fieldwork in Kenya

Ali Giusto, a fourth year doctoral student in the Puffer Lab, received two awards from the Duke University Graduate School to conduct her dissertation fieldwork. The International Dissertation Travel award ($3000) and the Aleane Webb Dissertation Research Fellowship ($500).

Ali’s dissertation aims to develop and pilot a culturally-anchored intervention to reduce problem drinking and increase positive family involvement among alcohol-abusing fathers in Kenya. The intervention will use two evidence-based strategies, Motivational Interviewing and Behavioral Activation, that will be delivered by lay counselors. Ali and our partners will implement the intervention to examine how it is received by fathers in the community. She will then lead conduct a small study to examine effects of the intervention using a multiple baseline single case design (N=1).

Ali will spend two months this summer in Kenya to collect her data.