April 24, 2017

Family Functioning Assessment: Kenya

A mixed-methods study to validate measures of family functioning in Kenya

Principal Investigator:
Eve S. Puffer
Co-Principal Investigator: David Ayuku
Co-Investigators: Eric P. Green, Elsa A. Friis, Ali Giusto

While a growing body of research is providing validation data for measures of individual mental health for low- and middle-income countries, fewer studies have been conducted to validate measures related to family relationships in these settings. To address this gap, we are conducting a study in Kenya to explore family dynamics and  effects of family relationships on mental health and to use that information to validate assessment tools. We have completed a qualitative study to develop a model describing domains of family functioning, including dyadic relationships and their interactions. Data collection is ongoing for the first phase of measures validation. This component focuses on the evaluation of content and criterion validity for standardized measures developed in other settings; locally-derived items; and a direct observational measure of family interactions.

Funders: Duke University Center for AIDS Research, Arts and Sciences Council Committee on Faculty Research, Duke Global Health Institute.