March 24, 2015

Parents Make the Difference II: Liberia

A three-arm randomized trial of a parenting intervention for caregivers of young children in Liberia: testing the added benefits of home visits

Principal Investigators:
Eve S. Puffer, Eric P. Green, Rhea M. Chase

Parents Make the Difference (PMD) is a group parenting skills intervention for parents of young children that is being implemented by the International Rescue Committee in Monrovia, Liberia.  Primary target outcomes are reduced harsh punishment, improved caregiver-child relationships, and increases in positive parenting behaviors. The intervention also includes content related to early childhood development and school readiness, with secondary target outcomes related to these domains.

We are conducting a 3-arm randomized controlled trial of PMD across 5 communities in Monrovia, Liberia. Conditions include a group intervention arm; a group intervention plus home visits arm; and a waitlist control group. This study builds on our first impact evaluation of PMD (described here) by evaluating impact in an urban area and the potential added benefits of home visits.

Status: Ongoing

Relevant Publications:

Green, E. P., Chase, R. M., Zayzay, J. O., Finnegan, A., Puffer, E. S. (under review). A discrete choice task to measure preferences for harsh discipline among parents of young children.

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