March 24, 2015

READY: Kenya

A randomized pilot trial of a family strengthening intervention to prevent HIV and promote mental health in rural Kenya

PrincIpal Investigator:
Eve S. Puffer
Co-Investigators: Sherryl A. Broverman, Kathleen J. Sikkema

READY – Resilience Education And skills Development for Youth and families – is a group-based intervention for adolescents and caregivers that focuses on strengthening family communication and relationships to prevent future risk for HIV and mental health problems. READY was developed using a community-based participatory approach in Muhuru Bay, Kenya, a small community in the Nyanza Province that has the highest rates of HIV in the country. In Muhuru, READY was delivered through religious congregations—the strongest and most trusted social structures in the community. We evaluated READY through a stepped wedge cluster randomized trial in four churches.

Funders: Duke University Center for AIDS Research, Johnson and Johnson, National Institute of Mental Health/Fogarty International Center.

Status: Completed

Relevant Publications:

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