Peace Corps work with Sema Saniya in Bamako, Mali

I served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Bamako, the capital of Mali, where I worked with the GIE Sema Saniya to develop a pilot wastewater treatment station that would receive septage from on-site sanitation systems in the city. Through this experience, I learned to appreciate the challenge of aligning incentives for sanitation and general waste management and became interested in pursuing a policy-oriented PhD. I also earned the ignominious honor (shared with former president George W. Bush) of having a wastewater treatment facility named after me. Thankfully, mine was repurposed for aquaculture when wastewater collectors refused to pay to transport waste to the dumping facility.

Peace Corps Treatment Ponds

Peace Corps Treatment Ponds

Peace Corps construction settling pond

Peace Corps Construction Settling Pond

Main research collaborators:

  • Martin Strauss; Sven Bolomey; Doulaye Koné (SANDEC-EAWAG)
  • Aminata Diarra; Bakary Doumbia (Sema-Saniya)

Related Publications:

Jeuland, M.; D. Koné; M. Strauss (2004). “Private Sector Management of Fecal Sludge: A Model for the Future? Focus on an innovative planning experience in Bamako, Mali.” Duebendorf, Switzerland, EAWAG/SANDEC.

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