DGHI Impact Report — 2022-2023


impact report

Bright Ideas Profiles

My bright idea

To show how one of the world’s largest health systems can expand its childhood immunization program

Shenglan Tang &
Melinda Chen

Director & Deputy Director of the Innovation Lab for Vaccine Delivery Research

My bright idea

To create real, near-term progress on climate change by focusing on methane

Drew Shindell

Nicholas Distinguished Professor of Earth Sciences, Nicholas School of the Environment;
Affiliate Professor, Duke Global Health Institute

My bright idea

To rethink how medical and scientific researchers use race and ethnicity in genetics.

Charmaine Royal

Robert O. Keohane Professor of African & African American Studies, Biology, Global Health, and Family Medicine & Community Health

My bright idea

To design a game to teach students about societal inequities in health and wellbeing.

Rukmini Balu

Adjunct Professor of Global Health

My bright idea

To improve prevention and treatment of alcohol-related accidents in low-resource settings

Catherine Staton

Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine and Global Health

My bright idea

To bring fresh produce – and a sense of connection – to vulnerable communities in Durham.

Elaijah Lapay

Duke University undergraduate, Class of 2024

2022-2023 Highlights


Research Highlight

Lead Exposure, Segregation Combine to Widen Achievement Gap

$ 0 M

External Funding

DGHI faculty earned 250 external research grants with total annual funding of more than $91 million in FY23.

Research Highlight

The Problem With Malaria Drugs: Too Much of a Good Thing

Research Grants

Externally funded research grants earned by DGHI faculty in 2022-23

Research Highlight

Study: Most Households in Africa Would Benefit By Upgrading Their Stoves


DGHI faculty were authors on 819 scholarly works during 2022-23, according to the Duke Scholars database


Education Highlight

Studying Surgical Care Across an Ocean

$ 0 M


DGHI committed more than $3.3 million in 2022-23 to support student scholarships and fellowships.

Education Highlight

Students Help Address Health Access in Rural North Carolina County


Enrolled in Duke global health programs at all levels (undergraduate, graduate, doctoral) as of Spring 2023

Education Highlight

Future Nurses Embrace Global Health Experience

In the Field

Duke students participated in field-based global health research during summer 2023, working with partners in 19 countries


Partnership Highlight

Zambia First to Receive COVID Medicines Through Quick Start Consortium

$ 0 M

Strategic Partnerships

Total investment by DGHI in strategic partnerships around the world since 2013

Partnership Highlight

DGHI Forges New Ties in Rwanda

Partnership Highlight

Cracking the Code
(coding collaboration in Kenya)


Countries where DGHI faculty have active research projects

Partnership Highlight

Tanzanian Researcher’s NIH Award is a Win for Duke, Too

Where we work

In 2022-23, DGHI faculty performed research with collaborators in 60 countries. Global health students completed field-based projects in 19 countries.