DGHI Impact Report — 2022-2023


My bright idea

To show how one of the world’s largest health systems can expand its childhood immunization program

Shenglan Tang & Melinda Chen

Director & Deputy Director of the Innovation Lab for Vaccine Delivery Research

What we're doing about it

Tang, a global health professor at Duke and Duke Kunshan Universities, has worked for years to expand access to vaccines for China’s 1.3 billion residents. In 2020, he teamed up with one of his former students, Chen, who earned a Master of Science in Global Health at DGHI in 2014, on a new approach toward achieving that goal. With funding from The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, they launched the Innovation Lab for Vaccine Delivery Research to study how China’s national immunization program could add coverage for four childhood vaccinations considered essential by the World Health Organization.  Combining evidence-based research, policy analysis and a unique emphasis on outreach and advocacy, the project reached a key milestone in December 2022 when the Chinese government endorsed expanding immunizations for the first time since 2008. The team is now looking to expand the lab’s model to other countries in Southeast Asia, potentially opening affordable access to childhood vaccines for millions across the region.