Outside picture with camera
Site location: Kibosha, Moshi, Tanzania Foreground: Ritha Mmbando, Assistant Director/Editor. Background: (left to right) Beatrice Temba, Erick Mboya, Zephaniah Msunza, Angelina Kasimba, Eunice Barnabas, Rose Mwangi, Jenae Logan

In the United States, training in responsible conduct of research (RCR) is required in many grant applications. As low-and middle-income countries develop their own research protocols and portfolios, RCR and research ethics training are an important part of the process.

The scripts for these video scenarios were developed based on culturally relevant issues in research, identified during focus group discussions and interviews conducted by Rose Mwangi and Beatrice Temba of KCMC. The issues raised indicate that some RCR areas, including research with human subjects, collaborative research, and social impact of research, are particularly relevant at KCMC as it continues to work with Duke and with other institutions.