Lincoln Luis Silva

Preferred pronouns: He/him/his

Home Institution: Post-Graduation in Biosciences and Physiopathology, State University of Maringa, Parana, Brazil.

Research/Fellowship/Job Site: Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (CAPES), Ministry of Education in Brazil.

Research Topic and/or Job Title: Epidemiology, accessibility to health services

Lincoln Luis Silva

Research Assistant

Bio: Lincoln Silva is a research assistant for GEMINI, and he helps principal investigators develop their projects assisting mainly with spatial analysis, and other statistical methods. Currently Lincoln works on the following GEMINI projects with his mentor Dr. Joao Visoci: snakebite, COVID-19 in Durham, HEAT, Pattern birth in Brazil, and Alcohol EM in Brazil.

Mr Silva is currently a PhD candidate, who has completed an undergraduate degree in Biomedical Sciences, and holds a Master Degree in Health Sciences. In addition, he recently finished a training program at Duke University. His research is focused on spatial analysis to verify the sociodemographic and clinical factors related to patient outcomes. He has training in several statistical methods using SPSS and R Language, and data visualization. He has worked in health projects involving machine learning, Geographic Information Systems, statistical analysis and health policy assessment. During his Master’s he also developed work in the Bacteriology Laboratory where he extracted a compound from a plant to verify its activity against Mycobacterium tuberculosis. In his free time he hangs out with his two orange cats (Thomas and Frederico), he likes to travel and watch movies and series of any type.

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