Chandra Mackey

Preferred pronoun: She/Her/Hers

Home Institution: Duke University

Research site: Manaus, Brazil

Research Topic: Needs assessment, access to care, snakebite envenomation care

Chandra Mackey

Research Assistant

Bio: Chandra Mackey is a master’s student at Duke Global Health Institute and works as a Research Assistant with the GEMINI Center under the supervision of Dr. Charles Gerardo and Dr. Joao Vissocci. Her goal post Duke is to become a Disaster Epidemiologist and she aims to research health and health systems impacted by Hurricanes in the Caribbean region once she graduates. Ms. Mackey wants to do research in this region because she is a native of The Bahamas although she has been living in North Carolina for the past 5 years. Presently Ms. Mackey is conducting a qualitative needs assessment study that focuses on the barriers health workers face while providing snakebite envenoming care in Manaus, Brazil. While in the field she hopes to understand what barriers health care providers face to be able to determine if there needs to be any policy revision in Brazil to improve health care. In her spare time Chandra likes to play volleyball and is also a high school girl’s coach here in Durham. She has found a new love in gardening since the pandemic and enjoys spending time on her patio enjoying the smell of flowers.