Locations & Collaborators

GEMINI has four primary locations where we perform our work and work intensively with our collaborators and learners.


In Moshi Tanzania, GEMINI partners with Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center (KCMC) under the Duke-KCMC collaboration that has been on-going for the past 10 years.


Throughout Brazil we work with multiple institutions. GEMINI has partnerships with the School of Health Sciences in the State University of Manaus, the Graduate Program in Collective Health State at the Federal University of Maranhao, The State University of Maringa, the research group on evaluation in Well-Being and Mental Health Pontifical Catholic University and the Federal University of Pelotas.

Additional Collaborators
Wagner Machado Bruno Nunes Leonardo Pestillo de Oliveira Eunice de Souza Erika Barbra Thomaz, PhD

United States

The GEMINI Lab is based in Duke University, in Durham, North Carolina.


In Singapore GEMINI has partnerships with Duke NUS Medical School and the Pan-Asian Resuscitation Outcomes Study group.

Additional Collaborators
Brian Rice