Our goal is to generate evidence that informs policy, programs and/or funding decisions. To achieve this, the DGHI Evidence Lab harnesses the interdisciplinary skills of collaborators throughout Duke University and  uses rigorous research designs paired with cutting-edge methods to collect and analyze data to understand whether health programs are having their intended effect.

What We Do

Formative Evaluation
How is the identified need being met and what can we do to meet the need?
Methods: Descriptive Studies
Outcome Evaluation
Is the intervention/program achieving its objectives?
Methods: Quasi-experimental study designs
Impact Evaluation
What health-related changes can be attributed to our intervention/program?
Methods: Randomized controlled trials or other robust designs
Implementation Science
Is our intervention/program operating as planned?
Methods: Mixed (qualitative & quantitative)
Economic Evaluation
Is our intervention/​program/​product cost-effective?
Methods: A range of economic analyses
Dissemination and Utilization
How can our findings be scaled-up and better utilized?
Methods: Strategic activities for translating evidence into action

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